YAN CHUEN CO., LTD. with over 10 years of experience in Silicone Rubber Keypad manufacturing and ISO Certificate, we are well known for being a reliable source of quality products in the field.

Products of YAN CHUEN are widely used in telecom products, remote controllers, electronic consumers, calculators and electronic toys, etc. With the finest machinery, raw material, well-trained staff and strong managing structure, we done very well in the past but we still continuously improve ourselves in order to provide the best quality products to our valued customers.

In the years, YAN CHUEN CO., LTD. commit its Q.S.T.C principle, that is, Quality, Service, Timeliness and Cost Effectiveness. The success of YAN CHUEN is attributed to its strong management, efficient, flexibility, low cost and highly integrated manufacturing operations, its ability to satisfy customers' demands within strict time limits and quality requirements.

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